Is Hard-Hitting Advertising Effective?

Many years ago I attended a seminar about advertising. The guest speaker was a well-known advertising copywriter from Chicago. He quoted his favorite ad. “WANTED, WATCHDOG.ONE THAT BITES.”

That just about sums up my feelings about advertising. I simply am not switched on to hard-hitting advertising which is full of exaggerations, half-truths and the like. It takes much more than that to convince me to want to buy the product.

That Watchdog ad is straight to the point. Somebody wanted a dog that will actually do the job properly. Simply stated, concise and descriptive. Nothing more needed to be said.

Selling is a tricky business. Advertising is essential. With so much clutter in the market the customer needs to be informed. But not hammered. The hard sell is as old as the hills, yet slick advertisers still maintain it works. Not for me!

With the advent of television and the multitude of imagery which the medium can produce, Art Directors are having a ball conjuring up subliminal images which are also supposed to sell products. Another big switch-off in my view.

Then again, it depends on the potential customer. Some buyers like to be flattered. They can be easily seduced into false reality with beautiful images and flowery language. Hard-earned cash can simply be thrown on the trash heap when consumers get sucked into the world of phoney advertising.

We should always remember that parting with our money is a serious business. Unless the right product can be purchased at the right price and gives satisfaction to both buyer and seller, it is wasteful.

If I want to buy a packet of biscuits, then I’ll look for something that has potential taste appeal. The color of the wrapping is of lesser importance. In fact, of no importance at all.

How to Advertise Effectively and Where

The internet is huge. A common mistake when starting promoting a product is doing it in the wrong places. Also you need to learn how to captivate your costumer, so that he looks closely what you have to offer.

Standard adverts are divided into 2 parts: Title and Summary.

Title -This is the first thing that people see. If you got a good one, they will click on it and see what is about. How can i make a title appealing? General people find attractive a title with numbers, or one that teaches them something. When you looking for a title, try to understand what people want from your product.

The first thing that people see in your title, is the first word. This is very, very important to know how to choose it. If you do not choose it carefully, they will just go into the next product. You do not want that!

Here are some examples of good titles: “How to…”, “7 Ways to…”, “Learn how to…”, “5 common…”, “Top 5…”, etc. Titles like this are amazing. They will want to see what you got to say.

Summary - Once you got a good title, you will have many people seeing what you have to say. A good summary should have all the details that the person should know to even thinking in acquiring your product. Very important, speak the truth! If they feel that you are being honest with them, you will get sales.

In order to make your summary hotter you can start it with some of this words: “Finally there is a way…”, “Now you can…”, “Now it is possible…”.

By combining an amazing title with a good summary, you will get many views witch can convert into sales. By following what was said before there are 2 great places where you can promote a product:

USFreeAds - Here you can post classifieds. There are only 2 fields to fill: title and summary of the product. Thousands of people look for classifieds adds every day. This is a good way to start.

Google AdWords - This one is amazing, but it can be a bit expensive if you do not have the money. There a few factors to succeed on Google AdWords [], such as choosing the right keywords, check out your competition, branch your main keyword and so on. This is a service that will require some time to master, but you understand how to effectively promote trough it you will make loads of money. Here you should also applied the tips we talked about before about the title and the summary. Doing that you will soon profiting from it.